HDMI-A Male to DP Male HD Cable


HDMI-A Male to DP Male HD Cable

An HDMI-A Male to DP Male HD Cable is a cable that allows you to connect devices with HDMI-A output (such as a computer, Blu-ray player, or gaming console) to devices with DisplayPort (DP) input (such as a monitor or a projector).

The cable has an HDMI-A Male connector on one end, which is the standard HDMI connector with 19 pins, and a DP Male connector on the other end, which is the standard DisplayPort connector with 20 pins.

By using this cable, you can transmit high-definition audio and video signals from the HDMI output of your device to the DisplayPort input of your display device. It enables you to enjoy high-quality audiovisual content on a larger screen or a monitor that supports DisplayPort input.

It’s worth noting that HDMI and DisplayPort are different video and audio standards, so this cable might not be bi-directional, meaning it might not work if you try to connect a DP output to an HDMI input. It’s important to ensure compatibility between the devices and check the specifications of both the cable and the devices you want to connect before making a purchase.