Biometric access control solution installation Kenya


Biometric access control solution installation Kenya by citymall communication

Bio-metric Access Control solution installation, the most important reason why bio-metric access control systems are growing in demand is that they have the ability to combine convenience and security like never before.

This is the reason why bio-metric access control systems are currently among the most popular access control options in the Kenyan market today.

bio-metric access control solutions in Kenya
bio-metric access control solutions in Kenya

The ability to store biological and physical traits that are unique to each individual greatly enhances the security capability of any organization.

Therefore, there is a reduction of the inherent risks associated with other systems. This is because there is no risk of key card and password sharing, creating tighter security.

Bio-metric access control systems work by storing personal data and then analyzing the fingerprint or face scan to see if it matches the stored data in the system.

If it finds a match, the access control opens and allows you to go through it. If no match is found, then access will be denied.

Biometric access solution pricing breakdown

This is the most comprehensive breakdown of all the components that are needed in a bio-metric access control solution in Kenya installations and their prices

Zkteco F18 Bio-metric Access Control19,000.00
Power supply unit 5a plus battery6,500.00
Magnetic lock5,000.00
Emergency break glass1,500.00
Key switch2,000.00
Exit switch1,500.00
8-core alarm cable2,500.00
Door closer5,000.00
Zl brackets2,500.00
Door installation charge10,000.00
Sub Total:59,000.00

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Components of a bio-metric solution

Bio-metric access control solution installation Kenya
Bio-metric access control solution installation Kenya

The main components of the bio-metric access control Installation and their functions are as explained below.

Zkteco F18 bio-metric access control

Power supply unit 5a plus battery
Magnetic lock 280kgs
Emergency break glass
Key switch
Exit switch
8-core alarm cable
Door closer
Zl brackets
Door installation charge

Our main bio-metric access control solutions include the following

Fingerprint Access Control

A fingerprint scanner converts a picture of your finger into a template, which shows unique elements as ridges and valleys. This template is then compared with the fingerprint that is presented.

Fingerprint access control systems are very accurate and can be implemented for a relatively low price.

One disadvantage of fingerprint access control is that if you opt for a lower quality system, it can be affected by dirt and grime. However, at citymall communication store Kenya, we install fingerprint scanners that can read up to 4 levels deep of the finger and can see past the dirt.

Facial Recognition Access Control

Facial recognition access control systems capture an image of the person’s face in the initial set up and then going forward will compare the input to the stored version to see if it is a match.

Facial recognition is widely utilized for its ease of use and for the speed in which it recognizes a user. The systems are also getting more and more intelligent, now being able to recognize someone’s face even if they are wearing a mask.

Iris Recognition Access Control

Here a person’s iris is captured, and their unique features stored as a template.

As every iris has so many unique features, this access control system has very high accuracy levels – This means that it’s a highly recommended option for any companies that have a high level of security. These systems can now recognize iris’s at around two meters.

However, an iris recognition access control system is less user friendly than other options, as the image needs to be taken in a bright environment so that the pupil is small and the maximum amount of iris is showing. Glasses also can’t be worn when capturing the initial image.

How to Install a bio-metric access control system.

Bio-metrics is the detection of faces, iris patterns, and the use of a fingerprint scanner and voice recognition. Face recognition and fingerprint scanning systems are two bio-metric security methods that work effectively in high security.

Installing it in populated areas, respectively, with the help of an installed bio-metric access control system.

Because of the high adoption and desertion rates, authentication systems must be easy to use and understand. Therefore, it should be the most important factor to consider.

Determine the needs of your employees and put in place the system that best meets those needs. Card readers, finger based system scanners, and face readers are examples of such systems.

Bio-metrics is a progressive technique that only takes a few seconds to verify.

It has been shown that it may aid end-users in reducing the burden of remembering passwords. One of the most effective and reliable ways to track employee presence is the installed bio-metric access control solutions.

Steps to Install a bio-metric access control system

Here are the methods to install a bio-metric access control system:

  • First, deliver the device to the client site.
  • After delivery, the query will go to the support team, and the support team allocates the engineer for a particular site.
  • After that, the support engineer will reach the installation site as confirmed by the user/client
  • A support engineer will hang the device on the wall by tightening the screw.
  • After that, the engineer will allocate an IP address to the machine with the help of the client’s IT team and connect the network in the machine via Ethernet cable or WiFi as the client provided. If the machine is GPRS then an engineer will insert the SIM card into the machine.
  • Now engineer will sync the device to the software via enter the IP address in the software. If the machine is on server mode although if the machine is configured on client mode, the engineer will enter the SIP (Server IP) or Host Name of the server in the machine and the machine will automatically sync in software.

Advantages to install a bio-metric system

  • There are several more advantages to install a bio-metric access control system, including error-free attendance and time data for workers.
  • It is difficult to hack a bio-metric system since it is based on face, iris, fingerprint identification, or an individual’s behavioral attributes. Therefore, it ensures that no one is trespassing. In addition, this boosts morale among workers by making them feel safe on the grounds.
  • Because it provides reliable information about each employee, a bio-metric attendance system simplifies the payroll process in many ways. As a result of bio-metrics, the manual attendance monitoring system has been replaced with a digital one.
  • Bio-metrics prevents proxies since it utilizes biological data to identify the individual. As a result, the access control solution is much more secure than others.

Biometric access control and time attendance systems setup with Installation

As a leading provider of the Bio-metric systems in Kenya, our systems are able to register over one thousand fingerprints and store all logs in the systems database.

Like our other security products, the bio-metric time attendance systems we have can be advanced by integration with many other bio-metric access control solutions.


citymall communication is one of the leading supplier and installer of bio-metric attendance systems in Kenya.

We also supply and install the following:

  1. Employee Bio-metrics time attendance management Systems and user verification solutions
  2. Bio-metric access control system
  3. Fingerprint attendance system software
  4. Bio-metric school attendance software
  5. Bio-metric staff attendance management system.

Any major bio-metric time attendance system company in Kenya will agree that the biggest disadvantage with logging attendance in a book is that employees do not write the correct arrival or departure time and sometimes they also log in their late friends.

The most reliable and  accurate technique of collecting attendance data is by use of devices from respected suppliers such as Suprema, ZKteco, SafranMorpho by Idemia, Secugen among others.

As a leading provider of the Bio-metric systems in Kenya, our systems are able to register over one thousand fingerprints and store all logs in the systems database.

Our Employee clocking system or Staff attendance management system can be used by human resource to assist in time management and payroll.

Being a market leader in fingerprint scanners in Nairobi Kenya with over 5 years’ experience, we can supply you with the most quality of solutions.

  • We have implemented School attendance management Systems which send SMS and Email alerts to designated contacts when students get to school and clock in or leave school and clock out.
  • We have also implemented meal management systems where only staff and students who have made payments can have their meals as the system bars those who have not paid.
  • Our transport management systems have been used by learning institutions and companies to manage school and staff buses.
  • Mobile bio-metric devices are in use for management of workers at construction sites and sales people in the field. These systems can be used in areas with minimal access to electricity as they have in built batteries.

As a leading Bio-metric Systems Supplier and distributor in Kenya and a provider of School attendance Management Software in Kenya, our fingerprint scanners offer a preferable attendance capturing method because the individual who requires identification has to be present physically during identification.

Zkteco g4 pro

G4 pro is furnished with an upgraded version of the android 9.0 system. The new version integrates features like as p.o.e power supply, palm recognition, and it is 4g network compatibility in response to modern market demands.

citymall communication g4Pro is equipped with zkteco improved technology of visible light facial recognition.

Further, g4pro has installed a new mini qr code reader to scan mobile application t&a dynamic qr codes on the zkbio security.

The reader supports data matrix, micropdf417, qr code, pdf417, and aztec scanning in third-party development projects. Zkteco additionally provides an lcdp tool which is utilized for integration of 3rd party applications.

To ease development and improve efficiency, the time attendance g4 pro has a basic bottom hardware interface, upper business logic and configuration, and algorithm interface.

Zkteco g4 qr

G4qr is a multi-bio-metric terminal of identification that features zkteco innovative technology of enhanced visible light facial recognition and qr code scanning.

With the latest technology,‘ g4 qr device can automatically perform recognition within a range of 0.5m to 3m immediately a face is detected.

Compared to other terminals using near-infrared facial recognition technology, g4qr delivers higher recognition quality in both accuracy and speed.

This recognition terminal enjoys great advantages over other terminals due to the applied deep learning algorithm, pose angle tolerance and anti-spoofing performance that have been greatly improved to endure different types of spoofing attacks and adverse environmental conditions.

Zkteco g4 multi-bio-metric identification terminal

G4 is a multi-bio-metric identification terminal featuring ZKTeco top enhanced visible light facial recognition and silk ID fingerprint sensor technology.

Equipped with the latest technologies g4 can perform face recognition within a range of 0.5m to 3m with automatic function once a face is detected delivering higher recognition quality based on speed and accuracy compared to ir facial recognition.

The Deep Learning algorithm has enhanced pose angle tolerance and anti-spoof function to counter dynamic environmental conditions and different spoofing attacks. further, the 3d neuron fingerprint algorithm accurately authenticates dry, wet, or rough fingerprints with precision.

G4l enhanced visible light facial recognition

Enhanced visible light facial recognition is the latest zkteco technology, designed to overcome inadequacies of previous facial recognition devices and attain an all-rounded upgrade in terms of performance and reliability.

As yet another multi-bio-metric identification terminal, g4l remarkably offers technologies of improved silk Id fingerprint authentication and Visible Light facial recognition.

In comparison to other near-infrared facial identification devices, g4l enables quicker automatic face detection and facial recognition when a target enters its detection zone of 0.5m to 2.5m because it is equipped with cutting-edge visible light facial recognition technology.

Zkteco access control gadgets

Zk kf1000 series

The KF1000 series describes a state-of-the-art zkteco visible light facial recognition reader devoted to in-bio series bio-metric controller to adopt the technology of facial recognition.

It offers one of the quickest, stable, and most accurate facial recognition in the security industry.

Zkteco speedface-v3l series

The SpeedFace-V3L series device refer to a visible light face access control stand-alone terminal. SpeedFace-V3L performs facial recognition and fingerprint and when upgraded to speedface-v3l [qr] and speedface-v3l [rfid] the qr and rfid code module support rfid verification.

Zkbio pack

The Schneider-electrics continuum / access It! and zkteco bio-metrics access control system effortlessly enhances the security of building.

The zkbio Pack is simple to use because it launches from continuum / access It! Further, zkbio pack is flexible and can supports different forms zkteco readers.

It is also scalable to a limitless number of readers supported. With its simple Installation and fast setup, the zkbio Pack saves on time.

It further comes with the convenience of affordability coupled with enhanced security to buildings through facial identification.

Access to buildings is restricted to authorized people only. Unlike badges that are likely to be misappropriated or faked, zkbio Pack overcomes these limitations, and eliminates the likelihood of accidental lockouts due to forgotten PIN codes or misplaced badges.

With this you can now say good-bye to accidental lockouts due to id cards & pin codes being forgotten or misplaced.

Zkbio go

Zkbio go is a creative app for ios and android platforms that allows a person to add, search of access control and open doors remotely on your smartphone.

The dedicated team of experts at citymall communication store helps customers get acquainted oh how to use the mobile platforms to ensure all their security needs are met under one roof that is our store.


Zkaccess3.5 is a professional access control software designed to manage all standalone access control terminals and access control panels of zkteco. The software can generate attendance report and manage access control simultaneously.

The desktop software is best suited for application in small and medium businesses.

The latest humanized structure and flat guide sign of the new zkaccess3.5 make daily management more convenient and pleasant.


Br1200 is zkteco revolutionary standalone terminal with bio-metric authentications, qr code reader, and rfid that it is largely utilized as an embedded module into barriers.

Br1200 sold at dayari technologies supports multiple code formats that include data matrix, pdf417, micro qr, qr code model 1/2, and gs1-databar.

Br1200s is mostly utilized as a slave device for other access control devices or br1200 through rs232 connection, while enabling bio-metric authentications, qr code, and rfid authentications.


Fr1300 describes an indoor slave reader featuring an rs485 interface that operate with master controllers from zkteco like in-bio series bio-metric control panels.

As an improved slave reader, fr1300 provides the most secure and affordable access control solution for medium sized and small businesses.

Zkteco FR1200 Slave Reader

Fr1200 describes a fingerprint reader featuring an rs485 communication interface.

It works with fingerprint standalone access control and bio-metric access controllers like f18 and In-bio series controllers.

It provides the function of capturing and transferring samples of fingerprint to access control panel.

With its ip65 rated rugged structure, zkteco fr1200 is more durable and endures all weather conditions in outdoor environments.


Fr1500S features

Rs485 communication interface,

Single gang standard junction box installation,

Silk id fingerprint sensor,

Stainless-steel front casing.

It is superbly protected from dust and water splashes from all directions when it comes to installation, the flush design facilitates neat mounting that is smart for executive offices.

Rs485 reader series

Rs485 is communication interface that is commonly used in control applications and data acquisition where many nodes communicate with each other.

Known for its versatility, Rs485 is a communication standard defined by the eia.

In cases that require use of multiple readers, rs485 communication demonstrates its importance. It further minimizes control panel cost without compromising the accuracy of the control.

Rs485 reader series allow users to connect multiple readers to the control panel in one rs485 port that enlarges the capacity of control panel card reader.

Additionally, rs485 offers exceptional rate of transfer that permits long-distance transfer of around 1200m, making it ideal for use scalable areas demanding multiple access points.


Kr702e/m reader has a complete touch key waterproof reader, which is ip65 waterproof and best suited for outdoor use.

The reader is a classic illustration of how diverse zk reader product are. The design of kr702e/m is inclined towards executive and high-end places where elegance and is emphasized

Mr1010 / mr1020

Both mr1010 and mr1020 are innovative access control readers featuring 125 khz technology for the former & 13.56mhz rfid technology for the latter.

These technologies make them ideal for high-security applications.

Though attractively designed both mr1010 and mr1020 can endure harsh outdoor environments, a feature that is reinforced by their advanced vandal proof resistance (ik10).


The qr code reader describes the latest intelligent access control card readers. Specifically, qr50 has a high recognition rate, top scanning speed and universal compatibility with other applications.

It can be connected to all access controllers that supports wiegand input. qr50 reader easily adapts to numerous application scenarios with the ability to identify almost all types of rfid cards and qr codes.

The qr50 finds application in unmanned supermarkets, community, visitor, and hotel management.

Qr600 series

With zkbio Security mobile application, qr600 series of qr code and rfid card readers is covered with a metal casing that is waterproof, The qr reader supports dynamic qr code recognition.

The metal casing enhances the durability of the reader even when exposed to harsh outdoor environmental conditions.

The build quality and elegant design make qr600 series of qr code and rfid card equally suitable for installation in high end-office settings.

Ec10 & ex16

Ec10 & ex16 are specifically designed for elevator control. The ex16 floor extension boards and ec10 panel offer customers the most secured, scalable, affordable, and versatile access control solutions available in the market today.

Based on different user credentials, floor access can be restricted using fingerprint, proximity card, and password.

Additionally, predefined time schedules can be used to manage floor access.

Controlled access can be lifted during normal visits/business hours. The ec10 elevator control panel can limit access in ten floors.

The ex16 Elevator floor extension board limits access in sixteen floors.

Every ex10 can support up to three ex16 boards.

In total, 58 floors can be controlled with one ec10 bundle.

Notably, ec10 panels can be daisy-chained together to manage any desired number of floors.

citymall communication powerful and user-friendly software makes the elevator control system seamless to manage.

Inbio160 p.o.e bundle

Inbio160 conducts the matching of fingerprints on panels. The fr Series of readers convey fingerprint templates to Inbio160 via rs-485 for accurate and fast comparison and matching with templates stocked in a data-base.

The p.o.e splitter has the ability to offer12v 2a dc for Inbio160 and one 12v dc lock. The splitter is connected to a p.o.e switch on the input side.


C2-260 is two doors mini control panel that is IP-based. It supports tcp/ip communication via rs485 communication and lan or wan network that permits extension to rs485 devices such as 485, DM10, and AUX485.

C2-260 is a flawless match for the web-based software zkbio access to offer rfid security solution. It can control two doors by default setting and this number can be extended to 10 doors if need be.


Lockerpad-7b is an essential part of the zkteco smart locker solution.

It could control up to 96 locks via the lock control boards.

Its firmware can be customized need to control more doors arise.

Lockerpad-7b is the first zkteco bio-metric device for lockers.

The self-service technology through facial recognition and face registration could be applied in supermarkets, museums, gyms, swimming pools, and libraries. Lockerpad-7b require no staff to control thus saves on labor costs.

Speed-face -h5

Speed-face -H5 describes a 3-in-1 starter facial recognition terminal that has a 5-inch touch display featuring enhanced visible light facial recognition with in-built computer vision, verification with fingerprint, rfid and facial recognition, and an lcd with 5-inch display.

Additionally, speed-face -h5 features a dual-camera that enable face detection in real-time and its template has a capacity for 6’000 faces that can be recognized within a range of between 0.3 – 3 m imperatively, speed-face -h5 is compatible with external wiegand reader, RS232, RS485, and wi-fi communication


FaceDepot-7B is yet another zkteco indoor facial recognition station featuring an exquisite and slim and design with 7-inch display.

Additional features of the recognition station include improved visible light facial recognition with in-built deep learning, and the templates capacity is 10,000 faces.

There is also an optional fingerprint and id/ ic module, real-time face detection dual-camera, Recognition range of between 0.3 – 3 m, zkteco boosted high performance processor.

Facedepot-7b is compatible with wiegand reader, external rs232, rs485, and wi-fi and usb communication as well as zkteco and 3rd party barrier · ip65 entrance protection rating for facedepot-7bl.


Pa10 is an access control and time attendance terminal with fingerprint and palm hybrid bio-metrics.

The palm verification features both palm print and palm vein giving it an impeccable anti-spoof because it is touch-less. Regardless of whether the fingers are dry, wet, or rough, the bio-id sensor provides exceptionally high identification rate.

Additionally, the optional tcp/ip, rs485, poe and wi-fi are available which permit Pa10 to be used in different networks and situations.


Fv350 is a multi-bio-metric reader that is capable of capturing and processing fingerprint and finger vein bio-metric data simultaneously.

Instinctive and highly secured, Fv350 guides world to a new epoch of improving security with bio-metrics.

Its infrared rays irradiate the vein pattern that is further converted into a bio-metric template. The fingerprint and vein and templates are further stored in the database for later use and matching.


Fv18 is a multi-bio-metric reader that can of capture and process finger vein and fingerprint bio-metric data concurrently.

The hardware platform utilizes zmm220 core-board with 1.2 ghz cpu. With optimization of both algorithm and hardware platform, Fv18 provide fast face recognition rate as well as high security terminal.

The security terminal provides the flexibility of both standalone installation and setting up with any third-party access control panels that support typical wiegand signal.


Revface15 describes a visible light facial recognition installation with mask detection powered by the state-of-the-art zkteco modified cpu for running the intellectualized engineering algorithm of facial recognition.

It is designed to enhance performance in all aspects and cope with all kinds of circumstances.

Revface15 comes with a strong design that works optimally in temperatures of between -20°C (-4°F) and 45°C (113°F). It is also compliant with the ip65 standard in terms of improving environmental durability


This hybrid-bio-metric access control and time and attendance terminal is equipped with visible light facial recognition and palm recognition features is linux-based.

With the high-tech anti-spoofing algorithm, the attendance terminal is guarded against print attack, videos attack, as well as 3d mask attack.

The security level is further improved by multiple methods of verification that include face, palm, card, and password.

The following card modules are also available and work perfectly with speedface-v4l:125 khz id card, 13.56mhz ic card, hid card, and felica card.

When additional lighting is required, the identification and attendance terminal offers adjustable brightness to supplement the illumination. speedface-v4l is ideal for use in large organizations because it offers up to 800 face and palm templates respectively.

Speedface-v5l qr

SpeedFace-V5L[QR] is an advanced version of the zkteco speedface-v5l visible light facial recognition terminal, using smart engineering algorithms of facial recognition and the modern technology of computer vision.

It supports a multi-factor system of identity verification by utilizing qr codes and acquired palm and face data for computational template comparison, analysis, and matching.

In addition, the terminal provides huge capacity and quick recognition. Speedface-v5l [qr] is driven by the qr code scanner that reads barcodes like pdf417, data matrix, micropdf417, and aztec, offered citymall  zkt-bio security Mobile App for both t&a / a&c.

Also, the terminal espouses technology of touch-less recognition and the following supplementary functions: masked individual identification that effectively mitigates hygiene concerns.

Speedface-v5l[qr] is further equipped with an anti-spoofing algorithm for facial identification against majority of fake photos and videos attack.

Outstandingly, the 3-in-1 palm recognition is done in 0.35s per hand and the palm data attained is compared with up to 3,000 palm templates stored in the database.

Speed-face h5l

Based on Linux, Speed-face H5L is hybrid bio-metric access control and time & attendance terminal featuring visible light facial recognition abilities the attendance and access terminal is guarded against all manner of print attack, 3D masks, and video attack through a state-of-the-art Anti-spoofing algorithm.

Speed-face H5L security is further improved by use of multiple verification methods that include password, fingerprint, card, and face coupled with different card modules like 125 kHz ID card (EM) and 13.56MHz IC card.

Though the capacity for face and finger templates rates at 6,000, its lighting can be adjusted to increase brightness when need arise.

Speed-face m4

Speed-face M4 is a linux-based multi-bio-metric access control and time and attendance terminal featuring visible light facial recognition as well as palm recognition capabilities.

The terminal is protected from all forms of print, video and 3d attacks by an innovative anti-spoofing algorithm.

Additional security is provided by multiple methods of verification including face, password, card, and palm.

The following card modules are available: ID, IC, HID, iClass, Felica, Desfire EV1, EV2, and Legic.  SpeedFace M4 further features adjustable brightness to Supplement lighting and a whooping capacity of 6,000 face templates, 3,000 palm templates, 6,000 face templates; 10,000 cards, and 200,000 logs.

Speedface-h5l [p]

Speedface-h5l [p] is an entirely upgraded version of the SpeedFace-H5L Visible Light Facial Recognition Terminal, using smart engineering facial recognition algorithms and state-of-the-art technology computer vision.

It performs both facial and palm verification with huge capacity and fast recognition with improved security performance in all features. SpeedFace-H5L [P] assumes touch-less recognition technology and masked individual identification eradicating hygiene concerns effectively.

It is also furnished with a decisive anti-spoofing algorithm for facial recognition for protection against fake photos and videos attack. Prominently, the 3-in-1 palm recognition is performed in a fraction of a second the palm data attained is compared with those stored in palm templates.


Notus is an RFID and Fingerprint access control terminal with an in-built web server. Moreover, Notus serves as a constituent in the system of Video Intercom.

The terminal has an HD camera (2MP/1080p) on it, a built-in speaker and microphone, two-way audio, and one-way video communication. When connected to the Wi-Fi, Notus could be linked to ZKTeco’s smart video intercom application ZSmart on a mobile phone.

Therefore, it allows remote unlock with password, besides saving video recordings and images captured on ZSmart and ZKBio Access.

Zkteco x8s

X8s is an innovative bio-metric fingerprint reader for applications of access control, offering unmatched performance through an advanced algorithm with exceptional dependability, meticulousness, and matching speed.

It can function on standalone mode with the provision for external electric lock, alarm, door sensor, exit button and doorbell.

X8s’s touch keypad operation is user-friendly and convenient when performing tasks like user enrolling, accessing control parameter settings and deleting user.

Zkteco x8-bt

X8-BT is the most advanced bio-metric fingerprint reader for access control applications, providing unequaled performance using a cutting-edge algorithm with admirable matching speed, reliability, and precision.

X8-BT can work as a standalone mode with the interface for external electric lock, exit button, alarm, door sensor, and doorbell.

It’s simple and convenient to use and supports mobile phone App management, as well as Bluetooth communication for ease of control access and retrieval of user information registration and devices setting up.

Zkteco x7

X7, one of state-of-the-art bio-metric fingerprint reader for applications of access control. Providing unmatched performance using an innovative algorithm for outstanding matching speed, reliability, precision.

It can function on standalone mode with a provision for third party electric lock, alarm, door sensor, exit button, and doorbell. It has an easy and convenient keypad operation that is extremely user friendly.

Zkteco tf1700

TF1700 is one of the tiniest Ethernet connection-based fingerprint terminals that is utilized for access control, as well as time attendance features, with IP65 waterproof housing.

With its IP65 rated dust proof structure and rugged waterproof, Zkteco TF1700 is durable even in harsh outdoor environmental. It is specifically designed for standalone applications like house, office, shop, garage, and factory.

The 2013 version of TF1700 is furnished with a sensor cover that protect the optical reader, and modernized with the latest firmware that supports ZKAccess3.5 management software that has powerful versatile and functions.

Zkteco tf1600

TF1600 is a small IP-based fingerprint terminal for access control and time attendance application. It is particularly designed for working in rough outdoor environment predominantly in conditions of very low temperature.

With built-in resistors, Zkteco TF1600 is a small automatically heat by itself when its MCU detects that the temperature has dropped below the working limit.

TF1600 is modified to operate in temperatures ranging from -40℃ to 45℃, Entrenched with the modern firmware, TF1600 supports ZKAccess3.5 management software that functions powerfully and has versatile features.

Though TF1600 lacks a keypad, users are registered on the device using the Master Card because it is combined with 125 KHz proximity card reader. Enrollment can also be completed by connecting with ZKAccess3.5 software by Ethernet.

Zkteco sf400

SF400 is an IP based fingerprint terminal combining both standalone and network and operation modes. It can be connected with ZKAccess 3.5 software for access control and time attendance management.

Featuring Wiegand output, SF400 is flexible to connect with ZK and other 3rd party controllers as a slave reader. Wiegand input configures two SF400 units to use master & slave resolve to enable user verification at the entrance and the exit.

Security level is improved and maximized with Anti-pass-back function. Auxiliary input interface permits SF400 to link with an extra source such as an emergency switch or a smoke detector.

The moment the linkage function is enabled through the machine menu, SF400 generates an alarm signal that opens doors for fast and easy exit in case of emergency.

Zketco sf300

The SF300 is an IP based fingerprint terminal that function in both network mode and standalone mode.

Connects with ZKAccess3.5 software for access control and time attendance management. Wiegand output turns SF300 flexible to connect with ZKTeco or other 3rd party controllers as a slave reader.

Furthermore, wiegand input permits two units of SF300 to configure with each other and utilize master and slave solution that necessities user verification at both ingress and exit. For the meantime, anti-pass-back function are used to maximize security.

Zkteco sf100

The SF100 is an IP based fingerprint terminal that perfectly functions both in standalone and network modes.

In latter mode, SF100 can connect with ZKAccess3.5 software for management of access control and time attendance. Wiegand output makes SF100 flexible to connect with ZKTeco as well as other 3rd party controllers as a slave reader.

Also, wiegand input permits two units of SF100 to configure with one other and employ master and slave solution that necessitates user authentication at both ingress and exit.

In the intervening time, security can be boosted to the maximum using the anti-pass-back function.

Zkteco ma500

MA500 is a cutting-edge terminal of bio-metric access control that suit both standalone operation mode as well as network mode via TCP, IP or RS485 for software management.

MA500 is vandal resistant and IP65 rated particularly due to the metal housing and a backlit keypad that is bound to last for a lifetime. These features make MA500 suitable for installation in places with very high traffic and harsh environmental conditions.

On top of linking with electric lock, door sensor, alarm and exit button, MA500 can also function as a wiegand fingerprint reader through any 3rd party control panels in the network mode.

By use of bio-metric technology, MA500 gains the status of value addition, making it very easy to replace both the conventional proximity and keypad access control system.

Zkteco ma300-bt

MA300-BT, one of the most advanced bio-metric fingerprint readers for access control applications. Offering unrivaled performances by espousing an innovative ZK fingerprint algorithm for steadfastness, meticulousness and exceptional matching speed.

MA300-BT has a metallic casing and IP65 rated. This enables the access safe from dust and water damage among other environmental weather elements.

Zkteco ma300

Similar to MA300-BT, MA300 describes an equally advanced bio-metric fingerprint readers for access control applications.

Offering unrivaled performances by espousing an innovative ZK fingerprint algorithm for steadfastness, meticulousness and exceptional matching speed.

MA300-BT has a metallic casing and IP65 rated. This enables the access safe from dust and water damage among other environmental weather elements.

Zkteco f22

F22 is an ultra-slim fingerprint time attendance and access control terminal with Wi-Fi and BioID sensor that provides unrivalled performance with unconventional algorithm for steadfastness, exactness and brilliant matching speed.

As a matter of facts, Zkteco F22 is the fastest fingerprint matching algorithm for commercial utilization and ZKTeco high image quality infrared detection fingerprint sensor that performs at world class level.

Zkteco f21

F21 is an outstanding attendance and access control terminal featuring the most innovative SilkID technology.

This attendance and access control terminal is ideal for installation in places where users are likely to have wet, dry or rough fingers in most cases because it possesses exceptionally high identification in the named conditions.

Matters security, F21 provides the highest security by its live finger detecting ability. F21 has an optional provision for photo taking function that allows attendance photo and Photo ID, which is ideal for improving security in public business premises.

Zkteco f18

F18 is an advanced bio-metric finger print reader for access control utilization. Zkteco F18 is ZKTeco’s most popular devices because of compact design and high-performance application.

The security access terminal is fitted with ZKTeco’s modern firmware with an UI that is user-friendly, as well as user privilege settings that are flexible for multi-level management.

The innovative hardware platform utilizes ZMM210 core-board with 1.2 GHz CPU. Both hardware platform and firmware are optimized, allowing the new f18 manage to verify fingerprints with higher accuracy, fast and efficiently.

F18 either operates as standalone installation, as well as with other third-party access control panels that are compatible with standard Wiegand signal. With available TCP, IP and RS485 F18 can be applied in deferent network settings, giving it a sense of universal applicability.

Zkteco f16

F16 is an advanced fingerprint access control terminal featuring an integrated proximity reader. Being IP65 rated F16 water and dust resistant, and it can withstand other forms damage causing weather elements.

The access terminal has both Ethernet and RS485 serial ports, making installation on user network absolutely easy Weigand-OUT port permits linking of reader to ZK and other third-party access control panels.

By means of Weigand-In port, the user can link to any card readers for validation at both ingress point and exit point.


SC700 describes a 125 KHz proximity access control terminal amalgamated with 2.8’ ‘TFT LCD. For easy menu management, the access control panel offers color display and touch screen operation, which is equally user-friendly.

Once linked with PC through Ethernet, SC700 is controlled by ZKAccess 3.5 software. The software offers 2 applications namely: access control and time attendance and the two can run at the same time.

It can similarly operate on standalone mode, as well as transfer data via USB flash drive.


SC405 describes a RFID Access Control Terminal that has a 2.0-inch color display with graphical UI. These features enable easy control because their user-friendliness is world-class.

citymall SC405 has a built-in auxiliary input function that augments the flexibility, allowing the terminal to be linked with wired detector and emergency switch.

Absolute security levels are guaranteed through the application of multi-verification methods that combine PIN, password and card. Likewise, SC405 is compatible and works perfectly with USB flash drive that facilitate offline data management.

SC405 is further equipped with numerous alarm outputs like tamper duress alarm and proof switch. The convenience and adaptability of this access control terminal make it ideal residential housing installation, offices, and public facilities.


Is identically similar to SC405 because it also features a RFID Access Control Terminal that has a 2.0-inch color display with graphical UI. These features enable easy control because their user-friendliness is world-class.

citymall SC405 has a built-in auxiliary input function that augments the flexibility, allowing the terminal to be linked with wired detector and emergency switch.

Absolute security levels are guaranteed through the application of multi-verification methods that combine PIN, password and card. Likewise, SC405 is compatible and works perfectly with USB flash drive that facilitate offline data management.

SC405 is further equipped with numerous alarm outputs like tamper duress alarm and proof switch. The convenience and adaptability of this access control terminal make it ideal residential housing installation, offices, and public facilities.

Skw-v & skw-h

Skw-v & skw-h are standalone access control devices that are waterproof with an IP65 metal case and a keypad.

The device supports authentication with RFID cards and passwords. SKW-V and SKW-H can either be utilized as readers linking with A&C standalone devices and control panels.


SA40 is a conventional A&C standalone device that supports RFID authentication and password for access control. SA40 requires three different verification modes that greatly enhance its security level.

Deleting or adding users in the device is accomplished with through simple steps, making the access terminal very convenient for customers.


Mkw-h is a flexible standalone access control device with an IP65 metal case that makes it dust and waterproof and a keypad from ZKTeco Company. MKW-H supports verification with RFID cards and passwords.

The access control terminal can either be installed as A&C standalone device or readers linked with a control panel.


Similar and identical to MKW-H, MKW-V describes flexible standalone access control devices with an IP65 metal case that make it dust and waterproof and a keypad from ZKTeco Company. MKW-H supports verification with RFID cards and passwords.

The access control terminal can either be installed as A&C standalone devices or readers linking with a control panel.

The only difference is in the design of the metal casing with MKW-H having a square shaped casing and MKW-V having a rectangular casing. Preferring one to the other is simply a matter of taste and preference.


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