Epson SS-9KW 9mm x 8m Black on white Tape


Epson SS-9KW 9mm x 8m Black on white Tape

Epson 9mm Labelling Tape for Label Printer offers you a wide range of high-quality, long-lasting Epson label tapes in a wide variety of label and text colour combinations, Epson 9mm Labelling Tape extensive selection of label widths and types to choose from.


For use in conjunction with the LabelWorks products, Epson LC tape range covers practically every labelling need. All Epson LabelWorks tapes are designed to last, resisting water and withstanding hot and cold conditions.

Epson 9mm Labelling Tape are fully tested for durability. 9 metres of tape per cartridge and smaller margins per label mean more for your money.

Epson 9mm Labelling Tape specifications

Model NumberC53S624407
Manufacturer Part Number1736933
Item Weight50 g
Product Dimensions8 x 3 x 7 cm