Mercury Elite 1000 Pro Offline UPS -UK Plug, 1000VA/600W


Mercury Elite 1000 Pro Offline UPS -UK Plug, 1000VA/600W

Mercury Elite 1000 Pro Offline UPS  UK Plug, 1000VA/600W, 2 x universal output sockets, 1 x 9Ah/12V battery

For a UPS that can be trusted for performance, reliability and durability, the Mercury UPS brand is one of the top choices. The Mercury Elite 1000 Pro Line Interactive UPS is suitable for office and domestic IT equipment and electronics.

Technical Specifications of Mercury UPS Elite 1000 Pro :

Input voltage220VAC
Input frequency50Hz
Input phaseSingle phase
Input socketWith Fuse
Cold Start (0 to 100% load)Press the ON/OFF switch
Input range (220V)140-300
Rating output (VA).1000VA
Rating output (W).600W
WaveformBattery mode(simulated sine wave),AC mode(sine wave)
Power factor0.6
Rating voltage220V
Output range220Vac-7% to +15% in battery mode
Rear Output Socket4 x Universal – Battery backup
Transfer timeTYPICAL4-8ms
Communication Interfaceoptional RS232/RJ11
Rating frequency50Hz
Line-modeSynchronize with the Utility
Battery mode50 Hz±1Hz
Line ModeFUSE& firmware protection
Battery ModeSoftware protection controlled by firmware
Line Mode110%±5%; Go to fault mode after 5 minutes, 120%±5%; Go to fault mode immediately.
Battery Mode110%±5%; Shutdown after 5 seconds, 120%±5%, Shutdown immediately
Rating2 X 12V/7.5AH (Actual rating 7AH)
Backup time – Typical20 to 30 mins (depending on load)
Charge currentAbout 1A at normal mode.
Over charge protection29V±0.2V stop charging, 27.4+/-0.2V recharge
Weight8.6+/-0.3 Kg
Dimensions per unit packaging395x205x258mm
Packsize per Master carton2
Dimensions per Master carton410x430x273mm
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