Vention DVI(24+1) Male to HDMI Female Adapter Black

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Vention DVI(24+1) Male to HDMI Female Adapter Black

The Vention DVI(24+1) Male to HDMI Female Adapter is a device that allows you to connect a device with a DVI output, such as a computer or a graphics card, to a display or a device with an HDMI input, like a monitor or a television.

The “DVI(24+1)” specification indicates that the adapter supports both digital (DVI-D) and analog (DVI-A) signals, as well as single-link (24-pin) and dual-link (24+1 pin) connections. This means it is compatible with various DVI outputs, including those that transmit both digital and analog signals or require additional pins for higher resolutions.

The adapter itself has a male DVI connector on one end, which you would plug into the DVI output of your device, and a female HDMI connector on the other end, where you can connect an HDMI cable leading to your display or HDMI-enabled device. The adapter is black in color.

By using this adapter, you can bridge the connection between devices with different video output ports, allowing you to extend or mirror your computer’s display onto an HDMI-enabled screen.