Vention HDMI Cable 5M Black

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Vention HDMI Cable 5M Black

The Vention HDMI Cable is a type of cable used to transmit high-definition audio and video signals between devices. The “5M” in the description refers to its length, which is 5 meters (approximately 16.4 feet). The cable is colored black, indicating its exterior coating or jacket is black in color.

HDMI cables are commonly used to connect devices such as televisions, computer monitors, projectors, Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, and other audio/video devices that support HDMI connectivity. They are capable of transmitting high-quality audio and video signals, including high-definition and even 4K resolution.

The Vention brand offers various types of HDMI cables, and the specific model you mentioned is the Vention HDMI Cable with a 5-meter length and a black color. It’s important to note that HDMI cables are typically standardized, so as long as the cable is certified for the desired HDMI version (e.g., HDMI 2.0, HDMI 2.1), it should be capable of transmitting the required signals between compatible devices.

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