Vention HDMI to HDMI+VGA Converter 0.15M Gray Metal Type

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Vention HDMI to HDMI+VGA Converter 0.15M Gray Metal Type

The Vention HDMI to HDMI+VGA Converter is a device that allows you to convert the HDMI output from a source device, such as a computer or media player, into both HDMI and VGA outputs. It is designed to provide additional flexibility when connecting your devices to different types of displays or projectors.

The converter has a length of 0.15 meters, which is quite short and ideal for connecting devices that are placed close to each other. The gray metal type refers to the converter’s casing, indicating that it is constructed with a metal enclosure for durability and protection.

The HDMI output allows you to connect the converter to an HDMI-enabled display or TV, while the VGA output enables you to connect it to a VGA-compatible monitor or projector. This is particularly useful if you have an older display or a device that only supports VGA input.