Vention HDMI to VGA Converter 0.15M Black

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Vention HDMI to VGA Converter 0.15M Black

The Vention HDMI to VGA Converter is a device used to convert a digital HDMI signal to an analog VGA signal. This type of converter is commonly used to connect newer devices with HDMI outputs, such as laptops, gaming consoles, or media players, to older displays or projectors that only have VGA inputs.

The converter is designed to transmit video signals from the HDMI source to the VGA display, but it does not convert audio signals. Therefore, if you’re using this converter, you may need to use a separate audio cable or utilize alternative audio output methods if you want to transmit audio as well.

The 0.15m length mentioned in your description refers to the cable length of the converter. It indicates that the cable connecting the HDMI and VGA connectors is 0.15 meters long, which is quite short. This length might be suitable for connecting devices in close proximity, such as when using a laptop with a VGA monitor on a desk.

The color mentioned, “Black,” likely refers to the color of the converter’s housing or cable. However, it’s important to note that the color of the converter doesn’t affect its functionality.


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