Vention Mini DisplayPort to VGA Converter 0.15M Black

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Vention Mini DisplayPort  to VGA Converter 0.15M Black

The Vention Mini DisplayPort to VGA Converter is a device that allows you to connect a computer or laptop with a Mini DisplayPort (also known as Thunderbolt) to a VGA display or projector. The converter is designed to transmit video signals from the Mini DisplayPort output of your computer to the VGA input of the display device.

The converter is 0.15 meters long, which is a relatively short length. This length is suitable for connecting devices that are in close proximity to each other, such as a laptop and a nearby projector or monitor.

The converter is black in color, which is a common choice for electronic accessories. The black color is neutral and blends well with most computer setups.

By using this converter, you can extend your display to a VGA-compatible device, allowing you to mirror or extend your computer’s desktop for presentations, gaming, or other activities that require a larger screen.

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