Vention USB2.0 Printer Cable 5M Black

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Vention USB2.0 Printer Cable 5M Black

The Vention USB 2.0 Printer Cable is a 5-meter long cable designed to connect a printer to a computer or other compatible devices. It is colored black, indicating its exterior color. USB 2.0 is a widely used interface standard for connecting various peripherals, including printers, scanners, and external storage devices, to computers.

With a 5-meter length, this cable offers an extended reach, allowing you to connect your printer to a computer that may be located farther away. This can be particularly useful in office or home setups where the printer and computer are not in close proximity.

The Vention brand is known for producing reliable and high-quality cables and accessories. The USB 2.0 Printer Cable is specifically designed to provide a stable and efficient connection between your printer and computer, ensuring smooth data transfer and reliable printing.

It’s worth noting that USB 2.0 is an older version of the USB standard, and there are newer and faster versions available, such as USB 3.0 and USB 3.1. However, if your printer and computer support USB 2.0 and you don’t require the higher data transfer speeds provided by the newer standards, the Vention USB 2.0 Printer Cable should work well for your needs.

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