UGREEN Wireless Ultra Slim Wireless & Bluetooth Keyboard – KU005

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UGREEN Wireless Ultra Slim Wireless & Bluetooth Keyboard – KU005

Discover the freedom that comes with the Ugreen KU005 keyboard. The modern MacBook-style design, combined with advanced wireless technology that allows you to connect to four devices simultaneously, takes your way of working to a whole new level. Featuring precision scissor keys, this compact keyboard provides unparalleled comfort and smooth typing. Wide compatibility, long-lasting performance and uncompromising reliability are what make the Ugreen KU005 the choice for those who don’t want to compromise.

Unique design and ergonomic layout

With the Ugreen KU005 keyboard you work and play with comfort. the 99 buttons provide full functionality in a sleek, compact form. In addition, the sturdy aluminum alloy and PVC construction adds elegance, while guaranteeing durability for daily use. The lightweight design, at only 510 g, makes it easy to carry the device wherever you need it. What’s more, the built-in stands ensure that the keyboard is positioned at a 6° angle, so your wrists won’t feel discomfort even after hours of work.

No unnecessary cables

You can forget about annoying cables! The KU005 keyboard supports Bluetooth version 5.0, providing a stable, fast connection to your devices! What’s more, it supports up to 4 devices at the same time, giving you full comfort and flexibility at work or during entertainment.

Unstoppable work

The Ugreen KU005 keyboard provides long-lasting operation thanks to its built-in 400 mAh lithium battery. Work or play for long hours without the need for frequent charging. Refill the keyboard’s energy with a USB-C cable – fast, efficient and convenient!

Reliability in all conditions

This keyboard works reliably in temperatures from -5℃ to 40℃ – it’s always ready to work regardless of the conditions. Whether it’s a warm room or a cool office, Ugreen KU005 is a keyboard you can always rely on. But the advantages don’t end there! KU005 is equipped with rubber pads, guaranteeing stability! Your keyboard will not move on your desk even during the most dynamic gameplay!

Function keys

You no longer need to close other windows when you want to adjust the screen brightness or manage the music player. What’s more, you don’t need to use your mouse to refresh a page or switch/shut down an application. A number of function keys will give you quick and easy access to the options you need.

Mobility and compactness

Ugreen The KU005 features a compact size (365 × 123 × 7.1 mm) that makes it ideal for those who value mobility. Whether you’re at home, in the office or at a coffee shop, the keyboard will perform perfectly, offering full functionality in a sleek, ultra-thin design.


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