Yeastar Neogate TG800 – 8 Port GSM VoIP Gateway


Yeastar Neogate TG800 – 8 Port GSM VoIP Gateway

NeoGate TG800 is a high-performance 8-channel GSM VoIP gateway that bridges the GSM network and IP-based systems. Designed to drastically reduce phone costs, you can find the cheapest route and use the cheapest SIM card.


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Yeastar TG Series GSM VoIP Gateways connect GSM or WCDMA or 4G LTE to VoIP networks to provide two-way communication: GSM/3G/4G to VoIP and VoIP to GSM/3G/4G. This allows you to connect to most IP-based phone systems, including Yeastar IP Phone. Systems and soft switches to GSM or 3G WCDMA or 4G LTE; This can provide a sophisticated fallback solution if the PSTN lines fail, or be used to increase call traffic capacity by providing an additional dial tone.


TG800 Features.

  • 8 GSM Ports
  • Cost Savings – Save phone bills tremendously with mobile-to-mobile calls and LCR.
  • Back up – Work as a cost-effective backup when the landline network goes down.
  • Easy to install – Everything can be easily set up in the Web-based management interface.
  • Easy to integrate – High compatibility with major IP PBX and Softswitch brands.


Product Specifications.

  • 1 Stage/2 Stage Dial
  • Call Back
  • Call Duration Limitation
  • Call Status Display
  • Carrier Selection: Auto/Manual
  • Firmware upgrade by HTTP/TFTP
  • GSM/CDMA/UMTS Ports Group Manage
  • Incoming /Outgoing Routing rules
  • Network Attack Alert
  • Open API for SMS and USSD
  • PIN Modify
  • Send Bulk SMS
  • SIP Peer Mode: Support
  • SIP server for IP phones: Support
  • SMS Center
  • System Logs
  • VoIP Trunk Group
  • Block List
  • Balance Alarm
  • Call Detail Record (CDR)
  • Call Progress Tone Generation
  • Call Transfer
  • Caller ID/CLIR
  • Configure backup/restore
  • Gain Adjustment
  • Hotline
  • IP Blocklist
  • NTP
  • Packet Capture
  • Real Open API Protocol (Based on Asterisk)
  • Session Timer
  • SIP Response Code Switch
  • SIP Trunk: Support
  • SMS Sending and Receiving
  • USSD
  • Web-based configuration