Hikvision DS-K1T343MFX Face Recognition Terminal


Hikvision DS-K1T343MFX Face Recognition Terminal

The Hikvision DS-K1T343MFX is a face recognition terminal designed for access control applications. It is manufactured by Hikvision, a leading provider of video surveillance products and solutions.

This terminal uses advanced facial recognition technology to accurately identify individuals and grant or deny access to a particular area or resource. It can be used in a variety of settings, such as offices, schools, hospitals, and other public or private spaces.

The DS-K1T343MFX features a large 4.3-inch touch screen display that makes it easy to use and navigate. It also has a built-in camera that captures high-quality images of individuals for facial recognition purposes. The terminal supports a range of authentication modes, including face recognition, card authentication, and a combination of the two.

In addition to its access control functions, the DS-K1T343MFX can also be used for time and attendance tracking. It can record and store employee work hours, allowing for accurate and efficient payroll processing.

Overall, the Hikvision DS-K1T343MFX is a powerful and reliable face recognition terminal that can enhance security and streamline access control processes in a variety of settings.


  • Display: 4.3-inch TFT LCD touch screen
  • Camera: 2MP dual-lens camera with infrared illumination
  • Face capacity: Up to 10,000 faces
  • Fingerprint capacity: Up to 5,000 fingerprints
  • Card capacity: Up to 100,000 cards
  • Recognition modes: Face recognition, fingerprint recognition, card recognition, or a combination of these
  • Identification speed: < 0.2 seconds per face or fingerprint
  • False acceptance rate: < 0.1%
  • False rejection rate: < 0.1%
  • Communication: TCP/IP, RS-485, and Wiegand (input/output)
  • Power supply: 12VDC, 3A
  • Operating temperature: -10°C to 50°C (14°F to 122°F)
  • Dimensions: 194mm × 92.8mm × 38.5mm (7.64″ × 3.65″ × 1.52″)
  • Weight: 0.45 kg (0.99 lb)